All classes on are Tuesdays, 5:00-7:30pm in SCI 360. Regularly check back here as things may change. 

Jan 21 

The dreaded question, open pedagogy, portfolio and portal 

Read: The Dreaded Question, Career Development Wheel, KSC Open: Domain of One’s Own

To Do:  Set up a site of your own, if you have one already then, explore tools, widgets, plug-ins, themes to transform it for better showcasing your professional identity, previous work and blogging.

Jan 28

Developing a personal learning and career-connection network  #KSCBio

Read:  Twitter and the Personal Learning Network

To Do:  1) Follow the instructions under ‘to do the first week’ in the above reading. We will use the Biology dept hashtag as our course hashtag:  #KSCBio  If you are already adept at twitter, then do the things suggested under ‘keep building your PLN’.

2) Write a post to your site about your current concerns, fears, excitement – any feelings about your future after leaving KSC. This is not meant to be your complete after graduation plans and steps- it is just a starting point to consider where you are right now. Put the link in the class spreadsheet Mon, Feb 3.

Feb 4 

Peer and mentor network

To Do:  Create or edit your Linked-In account.  Add your website and twitter handle to your profile. Check out the Keene State College Biology Linked-In Alumni page.

Feb 11

Developing and diagramming a career pathway

Read:  Creative Commons and Open Licenses

To Do:  1) Start drafting a table or diagram of your career planning steps. Include a parallel pathway (or two) for a plan B and plan C.  Post this to your site and add the URL to the class spreadsheet.

2) Write a blog post about something in your area of interest. Get ideas from your PLN and see examples of posts.  Think about how this writing will help you be more interesting or stand out to potential employers or grad schools?

3) Use the reading above to guide you in putting a license on your site and also how to find openly licensed images to add to your posts.

Feb 18

Continued website development, skills in networking tools, and career exploration

Feb 25

Required session for the WHOLE CLASS on Resume construction presented by the career center.  Everyone must attend and bring a printed:  1) job posting, 2) resume, and 3) cover letter.

Mar 3

Optional class for continuing work. (Morrison 202)

Mar 10

The Career center will present on finding and applying to Graduate School Programs. Even if you haven’t considered grad school as an option, this might be very useful for you.

Mar 17

Spring Break

Mar 24

Self assessment work and Check Ins.

Mar 31 

One-on-one check in meetings with Dr. C. Please sign up here.

Apr 7 

We can arrange cohort groups of students working on similar interest areas (forensics, dental, PA, biotech, wildlife/ecology, etc.) to share resources, ideas and provide feedback to each other.

Apr 14 

Hope to have alumni video presentations

Apr 21 

Alumni video presentations

Apr 28


May 5 – final exam period